My PTE Slideshows by Isabel Cutler
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When I went to photograph the
last remaining hard-to-adopt
cats in a home shelter kept by a
little old lady who couldn't say
No, I was told a beautiful loving
kitten had been dropped off the
night before.  I fell instantly in
love the minute she was placed
in my arms.
"Richard and Jane"
This lovely couple met in a
church group for widowed folk.  
The rain didn't dampen the joy
of their wedding celebration.  
Pictures were taken with a Sony
DSC F717 with available light, at
ISO 400.  (I wanted to use a quiet
Download the zipped file here
"From Western Carolina with Love"
Grab a "cuppa" and sit back while you
enjoy the beauties of this part of the
Download the zipped file here
"Gotta Love Louie"
I just can't resist those magnetic
eyes. Come see why Louie has
stolen my heart!
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Download the zipped file here
"Gotta Love Ricky, Too!"
After 30 plus years of stubborn, but
extremely loveable and photogenic
dachshunds we decided to try a more
obedient breed.  Ricky is a Havanese,
sometimes known as a "Cuban
Bichon". He is a total joy that keeps
us laughing a good deal of the time
(except when he's chasing one of the
Download the zipped file here
"Devyn Celebrates Christmas 2003"
I had lots of practice
correcting redeye on these
flash pictures taken with a
Canon A80!  Devyn is my
neighbor's totally charming
Download the  zipped file here
"Light Your World"
Enjoy a spectacular Christmas
Show produced at Biltmore Baptist
Church in Arden, North Carolina.  
Pictures taken mostly at ISO 1600
with a few at 800 with Canon's EF
85mm f/1.8 lens.  If you want to see
the EXIF info click
here.  It will
beneath each image.
Download the zipped file here
"My Little Friend"
My beloved "stealth cam", The
Canon A80, perfect for when I
don't want to be weighed
down with lots of camera
"stuff" and terrific for taking
pictures unobserved because
of the swiveling lcd.
Download the zipped file here
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