Let me introduce myself...
Hi!  I'm Isabel Cutler and I love to
cook...especially Asian food.  I can't say that
cooking is one of my hobbies, but I sure spend
lots of time in the kitchen.  I hope to share my
hobbies with you...digital photography, machine
knitting, and sewing...a long love of
dachshunds...and a new love for Havanese.
We didn't last long without a
fur-person.  Ricky is our
Havanese pup...he's now
been joined by Louie and
Beegie, my two tabbies.
Enjoy their antics
Two weeks after Bill and I were married I fulfilled a
life-long wish when we brought home Sweet Pea, a
very non-conforming pedigreed miniature dachshund.  
She was a pet-store find and the smartest of the eight
doxies who've owned us:  Sweet Pea, Friedrich von
Freeloader, Itsy Bitsy, Nutmeg, Boarus, Sweet Pea II,
Buddy, and Mousie.

The picture at the right was taken in 1974, the year of a
big oil crisis.  Sweet Pea is wearing a babushka
because it was a cold  winter's day during a temporary
business move to Ingolstadt, Germany.  Friedrich von
Freeloader (Freddie) is giving his intelligent look...don't
be fooled.

It is my theory that the dachshund has been so popular
in Germany, a land of rules, because dachshunds give
comic relief...they don't know about rules.

Freddie taught us about miracles one day when he was
a puppy and swallowed a threaded needle.  The vet
told us to wait and see...and sure enough, a few hours
later that needle appeared (minus thread) out the usual
end.  Tell me that's not a miracle!
My first dachshunds
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